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UOL for the company's own reasons discontinued the Sanctuary's blogs and fotologs.

The blog messages have already been brought to the page and can be accessed at:

The photos with their original comments are still being imported and organized and uploading to the site since the oldest ones. After uploading the photos, the comments from the old blog and new ones will be applied.


  • Every second Sunday of each month there is an Cenacle (praise)
    (Starts at 8:30 am and ends at 6:30 pm)

  • A thousand Ave-Marias in honor of the Sacred Heart of Mary every first Saturday of each month from 8:30 am.

  • 12th and 13th of each month: apparitions of Our Lady, prayers begin at 8:30 am.

  • Good Friday prayers begin at 2 pm

  • February 12 - (32nd anniversary of the apparitions) prayers begin at 8:30 am

  • July 13 (Day of the Mystic Rose) prayers begin at 8:30 am
  • September 16 - prayer of the rosary and reading and explanation of Our Lady's message.

  • October 12 (Appeared Our Lady , Patroness and Queen of Brazil) prayers begin at 8:30 am

  • December 8 (Immaculate Conception) prayers begin at 8:30 am

  • December 27 (Lacrimations anniversary) starts at 1:30 pm.

  • December 31 (anniversary of the Eucharistic Miracle) starts at 3 pm.

Important celebrations at the Sanctuary.
February 12 anniversary of the apparitions. Start 8:30
July 13th Rosa Mystic Day starts at 8:30.
October 12th Our Lady of the Conception Aparecida beginning at 8:30
December 8, day of the Immaculate Conception (Time of Universal Grace) beginning at 8:30.
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Informações: (41) 3383 0252 ou (41) 99670 2837 Rua da Balsa (próximo a ponte do rio Iguaçu) Bairro Da Cachoeira - São José dos Pinhais - PR



Curta nossa Fan Page e reze conosco de Domingo à Sexta-Feira a às 21h e aos Sábados das 21 às 00 horas, ao vivo direto do Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Rosa Mística Rainha da Paz em São José dos Pinhais - Paraná - Brasil.

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