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Here I am lord! Alone, no friends around me.

I know that you also put your hands on me.

Here I am alone. I feel ashamed, because I haven't prayed like I did for a long time.

I want to trust You, just as I trusted my mother.

Sir! May Your grace remain with me, otherwise I will not be able to pray.

My reason tells me that I am handed over to the doctor. But, I claim that I am in your hands.

Sir! Please allow me to live. But if I have to die, let me see Your glory, along with Mary Your Mother and mine.

I commend Your grace to me. Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer, want to intercede for me.

Maria, return Your look to me your son.

Jesus of Nazareth, come to my rescue now and at the time of my death. Amen.

(Prayer taught by Jesus to Brother Eduardo Ferreira in 1995)

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