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Above, a fresco with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Cathedral of Itajaí, SC, the birthplace of Brother Eduardo.


Below are excerpts from the book: Some Secrets Don't Stay Buried , by Br. Eduardo Ferreira, (ISBN nº 9788561949075).

Publication on this page authorized by the Author. Those interested in purchasing the complete work may contact the Chapel of Apparitions .

Apparition of Jesus Christ

The first apparition of Jesus Christ to Brother Eduardo was on the morning of 10/29/1988 at 9 am and 35 minutes in Itajaí. Jesus appeared in a red robe and a dark blue robe. Her light brown curly hair, just below her shoulder. Sawed beard. Blue eyes a little darker than Our Lady's. Jesus appeared in the form of the Sacred Heart. He didn't say anything about this apparition!

First Message of Jesus Christ

First message from Jesus, that to go. Eduardo received it at dawn on October 23, 1995 when he was still a nurse at the hospital in Gaspar - SC. Jesus appeared in the form of the Merciful Jesus. Lights come out of his wounds ...

In this apparition, Jesus showed his Sacred Heart and his Wounds. Rays of light came out of them. He talked about his concern for humanity. He also said that he sends his Holy Mother to earth, to alert his children, who are heading for destruction. Here is Jesus' message:

“Listen carefully, son!

When my Mother came to earth in Fatima to tell you about the punishments that humanity would endure, nobody wanted to hear it.

Now she comes to tell you about the punishments that humanity will suffer because they did not listen to the messages that she gave them (...) in 1917.

Pay more attention to the things of Heaven and let the voice of the Holy Spirit guide you.

Close your ears to earthly and worldly things. All of this and much more you must leave to follow Me. Do you want to come with Me? Then come and follow Me.

Assist the poor and abandoned minors. Where are your works? How can they receive the reward? Come and follow me.

I bless you with all My Love +. ”

In this hospital, Our Lady also showed how much she suffers when she sees a baby being aborted. On June 27, 1995 at the hospital in Gaspar, Our Lady appeared during the night, dictating a message and taught Brother Eduardo a jaculatory that eases God's will against the crimes of abortion.

"Jesus and Mary, give us divine forgiveness and mercy."

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