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Above the chapel with the miraculous image of Rosa Mistica. Down the staircase and beside the fountain.


At the beginning: 1 Our Father ... 1 Hail Mary ... 1 Creed ...

In the big accounts: Sweet Heart of Jesus, be my love. Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation.

In the small accounts: Jesus and Mary, I love you, save souls.

In the last 3 accounts: Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, make me love you more and more. Amen.

How did this third come about? Sister Consolata Betrone (1903-1946), Italian Capuchin religious, was chosen by God to confirm to the world the doctrine of the spiritual childhood path already taught by Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, giving it now a concrete and easy way to be practiced by everyone.Jesus promises that every time this Act of Love is pronounced: "Jesus, Mary, I love You! Save souls", a soul will be saved. Repeated at all times anywhere, it attracts a shower of particular graces and, above all, prepares the triumph of divine mercy in the hearts of men as a new Pentecost on a world scale. Jesus, appearing to his brother Eduardo Ferreira in 2006, asked for this third to be prayed frequently.

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