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Saint Joseph's Rosary

Remember, O glorious Saint Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary and sweet protector of ours, who has never been heard to say that any of those who resort to your protection imploring your help, was be abandoned by you. So, animated with equal confidence, I turn to you and I devoutly recommend myself. Do not despise, to my supplications, O adoptive Father of my Redeemer, but deign to hear them propitious and to reach for me what I beseech you.


In the large beads:

My glorious Saint Joseph, in your greatest afflictions and tribulations, was not the angel of the Lord preserve you? Preserve me, São José!


In the small beads:

Saint Joseph, preserve me.


At the end of each decade:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph my family Yours are!

At the end, say this dedication:

“To you, glorious Saint Joseph, I offer this rosary in praise and glory of Jesus and Mary Most Holy, so that it may be my light and guide, my protection and defense, my strength and joy in all my labors and tribulations, especially in the hour of agony.
For the name of Jesus, for the glory of Mary Most Holy, I implore your powerful patronage, so that you may reach me, the grace that I so desire. Speak for me, advocate my cause in heaven and on earth, rejoice my soul for the honor of Jesus, Mary Most Holy and yours. Amen."

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