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Above relic of Saint Madre Paulina ( ex-ossibus )


Below are excerpts from the book: Some Secrets Don't Stay Buried , by Br. Eduardo Ferreira, (ISBN nº 9788561949075).

Publication on this page authorized by the Author. Those interested in purchasing the complete work may contact the Chapel of Apparitions .

Other Appearances

Brother Eduardo has also had appearances of:

· Saint Joseph Castissimo, husband of the Virgin Mary.

Sr. Eduardo worked as an upholsterer with his father from 10 years old to 20 years old. Sr. Eduardo can no longer bear his father talking every day for him to find a better job, since upholstery is not a good profession. On November 30, 1992, very early to go. Eduardo goes to the Nossa Senhora Rosa Mística grotto in the neighborhood of Cabeçudas in Itajaí-SC. Getting there to go. Eduardo spends most of the day praying and asking Our Lady for another job. At the end of the afternoon São José appears to him and asks his brother to return home, saying that his new job was there. Sr. Eduardo is reluctant to accept the message of São José. São José once again: “Go back to your home and accept the will of God in your life ...”

Sr. Eduardo arriving at home around 8 pm, his brother's father says he has a lady waiting for him to work at the hospital. Sr. Eduardo does not believe what he is hearing, as São José said that a new job was waiting for him at home.

The next day the go. Eduardo starts working as an attendant at the hospital and soon graduates in helping.

Sr. Eduardo says that São José almost always appears in a brown tunic and a dark green cloak. He looks like 33 years old. Dark brown curly hair. A little long beard. Your physique is strong! Saint Joseph has spoken a lot about humility, about the family and about the future of the Church.

· With São Francisco de Assis, apparitions began in 1995.

· With the Archangels Rafael and Gabriel, the apparitions started on May 7, 1997 in Curitiba - Pr. These two Archangels have the appearance of a 16 year old young man. São Rafael almost always comes in a green tunic and sometimes white. Her hair is a light brown chamel type. Saint Raphael speaks a lot about the obedience we must have to God. São Gabriel also has light brown hair that is a little curly and goes down to the shoulder. This Angel speaks a lot about the love and humility of Mary Most Holy. These two Archangels also have no wings.

· With the Archangel Miguel, the apparitions began on March 26, 1996 in Itajaí-SC. Sr. Eduardo says that the apparition took place at about 2:30 pm on a Tuesday in her room in Itajaí. Sr. Eduardo was praying lying on his bed with his face turned to the wall, when suddenly I heard someone knocking on his bedroom door. He paid no attention to being his cousin who had arrived. Three times he hears someone knocking on the door. Already nervous, go. Eduardo asks whoever is knocking on the door to enter! Sr. Eduardo hears the door open and someone sits on the edge of his bed. Sr. Eduardo still thinks he is her cousin. Suddenly going. Eduardo knows that someone is touching his hair. He is startled and turns to see who it is for his surprise to go. Eduardo is in front of Archangel Michael. In this apparition the Angel reveals him to be his Guardian Angel and tells when he goes. Eduardo three secrets. The Archangel gets up and raises his right hand in the air. As the Angel speaks, a fiery sword appears in the Archangel's right hand and further down a beautiful chalice studded with precious stones. São Miguel explains when he goes. Eduardo what is the meaning of the sword and the chalice. São Miguel appeared to be about fourteen years old, with snow-white skin, blue eyes and curly golden hair. The Archangel had no wings! In 1999, during the prayer of the holy rosary in a house in Curitiba, São Miguel appeared in an army uniform in the colors red, green and brown. Sr. Eduardo tells that in this apparition São Miguel appeared to be about 18 years old. Because? A few minutes after the apparition, the son of the owner of the house where the rosary was being prayed, arrived drunk and began to speak ill of his wife. Saint Michael immediately raised his fiery sword and behind his shoulders, two huge wings appeared, in the shape of a battle. The boy got down on his knees in front of everyone and the prayers continued. Right after prayers, go. Eduardo narrated to everyone present what happened. He said that São Miguel appeared that way to face the evil one who was with the boy.

· The apparitions of São Vicente de Paula began in August 1996 in Itajaí - SC in the parish that bears his name.

· São Sebastião apparitions started on January 20, 1998 in Curitiba - PR.

· The Santa Catarina Labouré apparitions started at the São Vicente de Paula nursing home in 1997 in Ponta Grossa - PR;

· The apparitions of Santo Antônio de Pádua began on November 24, 2000 in São José dos Pinhais - PR, promising to appear on November 24 of each year.

· The apparitions of the Blessed Francisco Marto and Jacinta Marto (little shepherds of Fátima), started in 2001 in São José dos Pinhais - PR. Blessed Jacinta narrated while going. Eduardo details the apparitions of Cova da Iria.

· The Santa Rita de Cássia apparitions started on June 9, 2001 in São José dos Pinhais - Pr.

· Santa Faustina Kowalska appeared in May 2002 in Curitiba - PR.

· São Pio de Pietrelcina who appeared in a dream in 2003 in São José dos Pinhais - Pr.

· Santa Bernadete appeared on April 16, 2003 in São José dos Pinhais - PR.

· São João Castilho appeared on October 4, 2006 in Caaro / RS, showed how he was killed by the Indians. He said that the Indians stuck arrows in the palms of their hands and loved him on the horse and pulled him to the river near São Nicolas.

· Holy Mother Pauline of the Dying Heart of Jesus. This one that since 1989, has been manifested by dreams and visions. In 1989 I had a dream! He dreamed that he was in a large church all lined with stones. Inside the church I met my teacher of chrism catechesis. The professor says that the wake had already left and there were no more people in the church. I asked who died! The teacher points to the altar and shows a bust of a nun. I ask who she is. The teacher replies: Mother Paulina! I asked what day it is. The teacher claims to be July 9, 1942. In the same year, me, my mother and my two sisters; we are going to sleep at a lady's house and there, to my surprise, I found a magazine of the messenger of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Here I was talking about Mother Pauline. I told my mother that she found the picture of the saint that I had dreamed of some time ago. I took the address of the little sisters of the Immaculate Conception and wrote to them narrating my dream. Who answered it was Sister Virginia.

Before Mother Paulina was quite adventurous, she showed me her beatification in October 1991.

In the same year I communicated the sisters of the Immaculate Conception to the prophetic message. All visions and messages, I delivered the sisters.

One of Mother Paulina's messages was for me to communicate to the Sisters of the Congregation, that her process of canonization is cleared, since she (Mother Pauline) wanted to be canonized by Pope John Paul II. Mother Paulina knew why she asked. Another message was: "... I want my daughters to use the habit again with respect ..."

On August 25, 2002, Sister Célia Cadorin, sent me a relic from Santa Paulina. An ex - ossibus, (piece of the saint 's bone). This relic is found in the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Rosa Mística in São José dos Pinhais - Paraná.

On November 25, 2008, Santa Paulina gave me another sign. My father found in the grotto of Nossa Senhora das Graças that they have in front of the house, where the image of Our Lady poured perfumed oil in March 2008, the medal of the order that the little sisters of Santa Paulina used. Today they no longer wear this type of medal.

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