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After what happened with the events that involved the first apparition of Nossa Senhora da Assunção in Taquari, the pilgrimage originated, which has been happening every year since then.


Below are excerpts from the book: Some Secrets Don't Stay Buried , by Br. Eduardo Ferreira, (ISBN nº 9788561949075).

Publication on this page authorized by the Author. Those interested in purchasing the complete work may contact the Chapel of Apparitions .

Recapping the first message.

02/12/1988 - “... Dear son. I am the Mother of Jesus, the Lady of the Rosary.

Do not be afraid, because God has a great plan of salvation for this valley ... I will manifest myself in Taquari - Rio Grande do Sul, for some young people ...

Pray, pray for your family. I bless in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit + amen. ”

In that vision, Our Lady asked me to go to Taquari, and when she got there, She would give me a sign of her presence.

On March 24, 1988, Our Lady appeared in Taquari, for some young people, as She had told me.

Trip to Taquari

Ten years after Our Lady's first appearance to Brother Eduardo, he was in Taquari with four other people.

The visit took place on February 20, 1998. They were welcomed by Frei João and a lady who lives there near the chapel Nossa Senhora da Assunção.

During the prayer of the rosary in the chapel, Our Lady appeared to Brother Eduardo and dictated a message thanking him for his visit to the site.

" Dear son !

I am delighted to see you today here in this My Sanctuary.

Here I invite you to prayer and penance with goodwill. Many still do it by imitation and it saddens Me.

I have been here for almost ten years, in this humble place to be with my little children in prayer; teaching them the true way of salvation through sincere surrender to God through prayer and penance.

I love everyone and I bless everyone who arrives here with an open heart in search of peace. Pray and love each other.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit +. Be at peace. "

During the apparition of Our Lady, the phenomenon occurred in the sun, a sign promised by Our Lady to him.

The sun turned into a beautiful heart on fire. Then there were two suns and it pulsed. He was photographed and witnessed by some people present at the time of the phenomenon.

In many messages Our Lady has communicated to him, asking for reconciliation with God.

His messages warn humanity to change lives as quickly as possible. There are many signs for humanity to convert.

Second Apparition of Our Lady

The Second apparition of Our Lady took place on the afternoon of February 18, 1988.

He was praying in his four, awaiting the visit of the Blessed Mother.

She appeared, prayed with him, and left a message and right after the blessing and disappeared.

Brother Eduardo has so far not told anyone about his vision of the Virgin Mary.

Today the apparitions to Brother Eduardo last for more than 27 years. The apparitions of Our Lady take place every Thursday, the 12th and 13th of each month and other days if dates are fixed wherever the seer is.

Asking for a sign

In one of the apparitions of Our Lady, Brother Eduardo asks the Blessed Mother for a sign for him to tell his mother about the apparitions of Our Lady to him.

On May 16, 1988 (Monday), the day on which his holiness Pope John Paul II, canonized the martyrs Roque Gonzáles de Santa Cruz, Afonso Rodrigues and João Castilho in Asunción / Paraguay; brother Eduardo's mother was going to the bakery when she found Eduardo coming from school. She invites you to go to the bakery.

Upon returning from the bakery, in the backyard, Brother Eduardo and his mother have a beautiful sign of Our Lady. The two are surprised by an immense flash. Brother Eduardo tells us what he saw:

_ I could see the sky. There were many clouds around me. In front of me far away, there was a spot of golden light. My heart was filled with happiness. While I had this vision, I did not see my mother at my side. I believe that this vision took about 5 minutes. My mother says that she saw the sky with many clouds. She was startled, because when the vision ended she dropped everything in her arms (bread and milk).

First spiritual director

In 1990 Brother Eduardo writes for Father Frederico Laufer from Porto Alegre and tells him about his visions. The priest responds in one of the letters that will give spiritual assistance when he goes. Edward.

In the letters sent to the priest, go. Eduardo narrates his entire experience with Our Lady. She also tells him about the prophetic message of Mary Most Holy that She would appear in Taquari.

Padre Frederico confirms when he goes. Eduardo that Nossa Senhora would be appearing in Rincão de São José in the municipality of Taquari, 104 kilometers from Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Padre Frederico asks for a proof when he goes. Edward. He asks that Our Lady respond when she goes. Eduardo what are the names of the children who would be seeing the Virgin Mary.

Sr. Eduardo immediately asks Our Lady the names of the children that She would be appearing. Our Lady with a smile on her lips slowly answered the names of the young people who saw her.

The next day the go. Eduardo writes to Father Frederico saying that Our Lady tells him to tell the names of the children.

It takes Father Frederico about three months to answer the letter.

After this waiting period, go. Eduardo receives confirmation written by letter from Father Frederico; saying that these children really saw Our Lady in Taquari.

From that test, Father Frederico accompanies the Brother. Eduardo over a six-year period. In 1998 Father Frederico passed away!

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