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We are a family owned and operated business.

O Mary, Mother of Jesus and ours, who with a clear smile deigned to console and heal your daughter Saint Teresinha of the Child Jesus of depression, giving her the joy of life and the meaning of her existence in the Risen Christ.

O Virgem do Sorriso, look with maternal affection on so many sons and daughters who suffer from depression, psychiatric disorders and syndromes and psychosomatic illnesses.

May Jesus Christ heal and give meaning to the lives of so many people, whose existence is sometimes deteriorated.

Maria, may your beautiful smile not let life's difficulties obscure our spirits. We know that only your son Jesus can satisfy the deepest yearnings of our hearts.

Mary, through the light that shines from her face, shows God's mercy. May his gaze caress us, and convince us that God loves us and never leaves us, and his tenderness will renew in us self-esteem, confidence in our own abilities, interest in the future and the desire to live happily.

May the relatives of those who suffer from depression help in the healing process, never considering them farcicals of the disease with interests of convenience, but to value, listen, understand and encourage them.

Virgin of the Smile gives us the true cure of Jesus and frees us from temporary and illusory relief.

Healed, we pledge to serve Jesus with joy, willingness and enthusiasm as missionary disciples, with our testimony of renewed life. Amen.

* Pray 2 Ave-Marias in honor of the two thick tears of joy that silently slid over the faces of Santa Teresinha do Menino Jesus when she was touched by Our Lady's Smile.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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