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Eucharistic Miracle

In her apparitions in São José dos Pinhais, Maria Santíssima referred to the seer brother Eduardo about the Second Bethlehem. The Virgin Mary revealed to the seer that São Jose dos Pinhais would become the only city in the world to have the presence of Jesus Eucharistic in the hands of your image of the Mystic Rose. Our Lady, often appearing with Saint Michael, revealed that this Archangel would place the Eucharist in the hands of the image (who wept). This miracle took place on the night of December 31, 2000, during a mass celebrated at the Shrine, in front of seventeen witnesses, including a priest. The Eucharist has bowed nine times in the presence of the faithful. The tears that fell from the eyes of the image of the Virgin Mary, did not reach the Eucharist that is in the hands of the saint. “... I have come to you and I am not believed ... this is the time to hold on to my hands, for I the Mystic Rose am here, even if you do not see me. I am with Jesus in the Eucharist in the hands of my image of the Mystical Rose. This sign proves my presence in São Jose dos Pinhais. Jesus, my Divine Son, needs to be sought, loved and adored in the consecrated host ... ”

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