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Saint Joseph's message on January 13, 2022 - São José dos Pinhais, Brazil


Message left by the Glorious Saint Joseph on January 13, 2022 to Brother Eduardo Ferreira in the city of São José dos Pinhais, State of Paraná, Brazil.

(Transcription of the reading of the message by the voice of Brother Eduardo himself in the video accessed on Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 23:07).

"Beloved ones:

Always seek the truth!

Many seek power and glory, but in contrary ways that God has shown them.

Many speak in the name of God, but only out of habit, to deceive and to appear, and in truth their hearts are stones hardened by vanity.

Do not seek greed! For here you will leave everything.

Do not remain isolated in disobedience, greed and sin... Seek your salvation while there is time!

Invest your treasures in the heavenly banks! For there, they will yield you eternal salvation.

I am Joseph the carpenter."


"#Seek #always the #truth!" (Message from #SaintJoseph on 01/13/2022)

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