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Jesus' message to Brother Eduardo Ferreira on May 12, 2021 in São José dos Pinhais/PR.


Jesus' message to Brother Eduardo Ferreira on May 12, 2021 in São José dos Pinhais/PR.

"Beloved, I the Lord speak to you through this son!

Listen carefully:

This generation, prospers to rebellion. Disobedient sons. How much hatred still occupies many hearts. Throughout the centuries, My Holy Mother has multiplied Her appeals, Her warnings.

Few were those who listened to Her.

I still see many rebelling and blaspheming Her apparitions!

But I tell you: Nothing can make delay the advises (warnings) that will fall on many countries like thunder.

Mankind has refused pay attention to the warnings that My Mother has left in Her visits to various countries.

Satan has a diabolical plan. It is to win many to his army, leading them to believe that they don't need My Mother's intercession, that they don't need Her.

Satan has also spread the spirit of rebellion even within My Church. Cardinals against cardinals, bishops against bishops, priests against priests; Cardinals, bishops and priests against the Pope.

Satan will not tire until he sees everything in dust, in ashes.

Beloved, you need to fortify yourself with Cenacles of Prayer.

Watch and pray.

I leave you My peace."


May 12, 2021 at 8:25 a.m. · A thousand Hail Marys in the Chapel of Apparitions


Information: +55 (41) 3383 0252 (landline and Whatsapp Business).

Rua da Balsa, (near the Iguassu River Bridge and the endpoint of the bus from Ganchinho).

District of Cachoeira - São José dos Pinhais - Paraná/Brazil

Post Adress: cx.postal 19.534 CEP 80.231-970

Local (Google Maps):





Youtube Channel:

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Useful links for pilgrims:

Afonso Pena International Airport:

São José dos Pinhais City Hall:

Final disembarkation of the Ganchinho Line bus leaving the Pinheirinho Terminal in Curitiba (Sunday to Sunday).


To support the Shrine:

Bank: Caixa Econômica Federal

Agency: 0416

Savings Account: 122,248-5

Operation 013

Owner: Eduardo Gomes Ferreira.


Arabic: ظهور سيدة

Bosnian: Ogled naše Gospe

English: Apparition of Our Lady

Spanish: Aparición de Nuestra Señora

French: Apparition de Notre Dame

Croatian: Ukazanje Gospe

Italian: Apparizione di Nostra Signora

Hebrew: התגלותה של גבירתנו

Japanese: 聖母の出現

Korean: 성모님의 유혹

Norwegian: Angivelse av Vår Frue

Polish: Objawienie Matki Bożej

Russian: Явление Богоматери

Vietnamese: Sự hiện ra của Đức Mẹ

Chinese: 我们的夫人的幻影

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