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Messages of Our Lady of the Mystical Rose  
Our Lady's messages to Brother Eduardo have been published for many years on 3 blogs on the UOL portal, and with the forecast to be discontinued in July 2018, they have been transcribed to this page according to the links below.
In the list below there is an edition in plain text in PDF format, in addition to translations into other languages ​​piously promoted by the Italian page:
Messages from 1988 to 2016 translated into Italian
Messages from 1988-2017 (Portuguese) in PDF
Discontinued UOL blog files
Repercussion in Brazil
The links below we consider important because they are manifestations of faith of devotees, but it is good to note that because they are free initiatives, they may at some point not be 100% aligned with the messages of Our Lady.
Youtube channel dedicated to the dissemination of messages
Page that talks about the apparitions among other catholic themes
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